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Cambodia Organization for Social Development (C.O.S.D.)

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Because of the genocide under the Khmer Rouge regime and the civil war that ensued Cambodia has weathered many decades of instability, Unfortunately this recent history also decimated Cambodia’s infrastructure and the country now ranks as one of the poorest in the world. Siem Reap province, which is the heart of Khmer empire, is listed as a world heritage site and is the poorest province amongst Cambodian towns. There are large numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children in Cambodia as a direct result of this poverty, and there are thousands of children growing up with no health care, inadequate food, lack of potable water and educational opportunities.

The terminology “orphaned and vulnerable children” refers to children that may have no parents at all, or they may have parents who are extremely poor or affected by HIV/AIDS, making them vulnerable to be dropping out of school and ending up on the streets or illegal migrating to work in Thailand. Recently there have been campaigns with local and international NGOs, as well as UNICEF, to educate tourists that it is important to keep families together, rather than contribute to the proliferation of orphanages in Cambodia, along with the problems of “Orphanage Tourism”.

Simultaneously the Khmer Association for Community Development (KACD) was formed to help correct the damage that can be done by separating families. We aim to offer innovative, grass root programs to strengthen communities and ensure that whenever possible, families are supported and stay together. Even if both parents have died, it is important that other family members are able to step in and care for the children with the support of KACD.

Our vision is for the support of Cambodia’s children as they grow up and provide opportunities to be educated in a peaceful and healthy environment. It is our hope that they are able to use the skills they have learned to live meaningful lives and participate fully and freely in a democratic society
Our programs help meet the direct physical, educational and medical needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Cambodia. If you wish to contact us or contribute in some way, Please select the links above for more information.

A glimpse of Cambodia’s rural life



Discover Cambodia’s troubled past as well as its bright future on this truly heartfelt tour with an enthusiastic and inspiring certified guide, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime that occurred in the 70’s, Son Sorm.

As a result of the Pol Pot’s regime many residents were forced to move out of the cities a situation that maintains even today, when 90% of the Khmer reside in the rural areas. However, despite harsh day-to-day living conditions, in which survival is the main priority, the Khmers enjoy life at it’s fullest. Join us into charming strolls, far away from the busy touristic areas, surrounded by peaceful rice fields and welcoming homes.

Enjoy a blissful and joyous experience in one of the local’s wooden traditional houses, eat a traditional and delicious Amok for lunch, talk, laugh and simply relax in a place in which time seems to have another value. After, continue your relaxing itinerary by taking a moment of mindfulness and explore a Buddhist Monastery, or simply enjoy a delicious tropical fruit snack and refreshments in the shadow.

Later on, the tour will continue with a visit to one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia, during the wet season, Tonle Sap, about 16 km south east of Siem Reap. Life on its shores is unique as the floating villagers life intertwines with the lake cycles, in a perfect, natural harmony. Beautiful stilted establishments allow the locals to actually live on the lake during both seasons. In the dry season (October to April) the houses raise as high as 2 stories, on their exposed stilts, while in the wet season (May to October) the water level rises, giving the impression that everything floats. Enjoy the serenity of a wooden boat tour, through a beautiful submerged forest and be ready to take memorable snapshots of this simple yet unique way of living, in the Kampong Phluk village.

Also, if you happen to be a bird lover, the Tonle Sap is the perfect place to be as the UNESCO has classified it as a Biosphere Reserve, since 1997.

The tour will end with a visit to a place full of energy and innocent smiles, the COSD School, a private initiative of Son. It is a continuous and tremendously rewarding effort, which aims to rebuild a nation one child at a time. Speak English, play with the kids or simply observe on of their classes. Enjoying their contagious energy is the perfect way to end your day.


  • Every tour is private
  • Excellent English
  • Go at your own pace – see as much as you want, as the tour is fully flexible
  • Benefit from a local’s knowledge
  • Every tour is customizable. Discuss with Son in advance in order to accommodate your own needs, preferences and interests.
  • No selfie stick requires, as Son is a great photographer, with an eye for detail and understands the value of a good photographic memory.
  • Rates include transport, water and/or fresh coconut, Khmer lunch and fresh fruits
  • Free for children



Includes tuk tuk, Son Sorm as your tour guide, fruit, water, coconut and Khmer lunch for two people.


As above but with a Toyota Camry Car.