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About Son Sorm

Kampuchea is a land of many challenges and my background reflects that. I was born during the time of the Pol Pot, Kmer Rouge regime. Unfortunately, my sister and father were killed during that terrible time. My mother and I escaped the massacre which was one of the most evil and brutal killings of the Khmer Rouge period.

As a young boy, my feelings of sadness and hopelessness encouraged my mother to send me to live in a pagoda with monks who looked after my physical and spiritual life. At the Buddhist monastery the monks provided not only my general education but guided me down a spiritual path which enabled me to accept the past and look forward to the future with hope and to accept the limitations of human life.

After a few years my heart directed me to become ordained as a Buddhist priest and to put my sadness behind me. Eventually, after living as a monk for eleven years in the shade of Buddhism and under the roof of Buddha’s teaching, my new found peace of mind permitted me to travel on a different road through life.
I worked with a non-governmental organisation for four years and a subsequent university education led to a B.Ed degree in English which opened the door to the Tourist Industry.

My experience as a Tour Guide for ten years enables me to feel confident in considering myself as an expert on Khmer culture, religion and Angkor history. The construction of the temples as well as the symbolism and significance of the multitude of carvings are one of my specialities.

One of the advantages in working with an experienced tour guide is getting the best photographs of your magical experiences. I am a good photographer, I will help you with your photographs as desired and will direct you to the best locations and positions. I am also willing to lend a helping hand as and when required for other needs, as they arise.

In addition to my tour guide activities I volunteer with a Khmer social organization that provides support for deserving students. It is called the Khmer Organization For Social Development (KOSD).

If you wish, I would be happy to share my experiences with you.
I hope you will consider using me as your personal assistant in meeting all your travel needs while in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Sorm Son, Licensed Angkor Wat Tour Guide